A Time For Reflection


As the end of the year draws near, I thought it’d be a good time to start talking about YOU… but then again, when isn’t it a good time really??

Where are YOU going on holiday? Where are YOU going for Christmas dinner? Who will be getting YOU the best present? Who will YOU be kissing when the clock strikes midnight?

It is a very self indulgent time of year … and I’m not just talking about all that delicious food heading our way. We deserve it though, don’t we? I mean we’ve worked hard the entire year – endless hours, countless essays, numerous ups and an equally significant amount of downs, and now it’s finally time for YOU.

With that being said, I always like to take this time to reflect, something we seem to forget to pencil into our busy schedules. Funny that. We spend all year running around after people, trying to make others happy, yet we seem to neglect ourselves. As a recent school leaver, I find I have more time to reflect on life, on those around me. Such time has allowed me to better appreciate what and who I have in my life. Every now and then I like to stop and assess my current state of existence. My likes, my dislikes. my goals and aspirations, as well as the prospects of my future.

I guess I’m reminding you to think of YOU, as silly as that may come across. Don’t let life pass you by, make every second count and allow yourself to bring positivity into the new year.




Good morning all,

This morning I want to address the wondrous prospects of the world wide web. Just yesterday I created my blog site and jumped on the Twitter band wagon (quite late, I am aware), and I couldn’t help but consider the dual capabilities that follow a mere ‘click’ of a button. The power and authority we have these days is incredible. Everyone who is anyone and anyone who is no one has the opportunity to be heard – their voice, equally accounted for as those whose names light up the big screens. On the internet, an opinion is an opinion, valued for it’s intelligence and relevance by those who search for and find it on their screens, it’s all relative. This capacity to distinguish one’s face from their opinion may be considered either an incredibly positive or detrimental prospect. The anonymity that is associated with the internet these days allows for the voicing of otherwise subdued narratives who would otherwise feel uncomfortable publicising their thoughts. In this manner, anonymity allows for the clear distinction between blog and blogger as the brains behind the words is not judged or criticised for the way they look or dress, their nationality or their religion – merely by the words they compose and set free into the WWW.

Take me for example – I’m a 17 (soon to be 18 yr old) high school graduate with no work experience as of yet, eager to explore and experience all that the world has to offer, the epitome of naivety. Now, had I not told you, or had you not figured it out from my profile, could you ever really tell? Do my thoughts correspond with my appearance? My age? My height? Throughout my life I have encountered judgement, as have we all. By my peers, my friends and worst of all, from strangers. I’d never felt truly confident in my own skin until now. Confident to voice my own opinions that remain distinct from all those who have come before me and all those who are yet to discover the beauty of blogging and articulating one’s inner thoughts.

Well friends, that’s it for this morning. Stay tuned for more insights to come!!

The Confronting Prospects Of CHANGE


Don’t get me wrong, change is not easy by any means.

Whether it be for drastic or subtle measures. As humans we find inherent comfort and security in routine and the ‘familiar’. The unknown, the foreign and the unfamiliar haunt our perceptions of truth and fact as we choose to surround ourselves with recognisable faces, ordinary activities and notable locations. However, I ask you this… have you ever stopped to think about what good we’re really doing? 

Having just completed a vital stage in my life (graduating high school), notions of change and uncertainty seem to pervade my very existence. The ‘unknown’ lurks deep in the darkness of cowering shadows that seem to follow me around, yet I choose to overlook such pressures. Instead of indulging in spontaneity and exciting adventures, I’ve preferred to live a more refined and controlled existence. However, I believe it’s time for a CHANGE.

A change in lifestyle. A change in attitude. A change for the better!

I urge you to follow and mimic what is good, what is worthwhile. As they say, with change comes growth – in character, in perception, in outlook. In order to strengthen one’s sense of self, he must encounter the uncomfortable and confront the unfamiliar head first. The only way to move forward is to change with the times, as we have done with technology – and look where that gotten us.

So embrace CHANGE for all it’s worth, as you never know what opportunities or life altering events may follow accordingly.